Professor Dwight Perkins, (MA '61, PhD '64) - the Harold Hitchings Burbank Professor of Political Economy, Emeritus of the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, was in Singapore for a few days of "rest and relaxation" with his wife Julie after presenting at the HAA Asia-Pacific Regional meeting in Manila this past weekend (March 18-20). 

They were kind enough to agree to a very small lunch with friends and Harvard affiliates: which included Prof Wang Gungwu (the University Professor of NUS) and his wife, prominent economist Dr Lee Tsao Yuan (PhD '82), associate professor of NUS Davin Chor (AB '00, PhD '07), and a few members of the HUAAS committee.  Many had studied under Prof Perkins during their times at Harvard, so the conversation was a lively mix of reminiscing over "Harvard days", quirky anecdotes of past experiences and people, and more serious discussions and comparisons over the economic developments within Asia - why has the trajectory of each country been different / or similar. 

It certainly was a engaging 2 hours! ‚Äč Unfortunately, Adrian Foo '04 and Oscar Tan LLM '07 left just before the group photo above.