1 Dec - HUAAS Presents: Wine-tasting and glassware talk

Come learn about the interaction between your wine and your glassware. Learn what is the right set of glassware for your drinking habits.

Session 1. Comparison Masculine wine ( Bordeaux wine) vs Feminine wine ( Burgundy)

With using different shape of wine glasses, attendees will enjoy Masculine wine from Bordeaux region in France and Feminine wine from Burgundy region in France.

Attendees will taste the difference of each wine and will feel the difference of wine glasses.

Session 2. Same wine in different glasses ( Burgundy wine)

Attendees will taste same wine in different glasses so that we will understand why we need different shape of wine glasses per wine.

Session 3. Same wine with decanting and without decanting ( Bordeaux wine)

We will prepare wine with decanting before starting the event. Attendees will taste same wine with decanting and without decanting so that they will understand the purpose of decanting.

We will also demonstrate the decanting process.

Attendees will try 4 types of French red wines. Some food will be served.

Wine-tasting session led by Legacy Fine Wine. Venue sponsored by Villeroy & Boch.

Tickets on sale on our EventBrite page.