As the official club of Harvard alumni in Singapore, the objective of the Harvard University Association of Alumni in Singapore (HUAAS) is to advance the mutual welfare of Harvard University and its alumni in Singapore. Our motto is "Veritas Singapura" combining the ethos of our alma mater and referencing the national anthem of Singapore.  The association's activity will be focused on three areas: Programming, Outreach and Structure.

  • Programming - maintaining an active event calendar for social and professional development activities
  • Outreach - growing the number of active members in the Club year on year to improve the quality of relationships in the Harvard community

  • Structure - maintaining a dispersed leadership model allowing for broad participation from various segments within the Harvard community and alumni from the college and different graduate schools and divisions of Harvard University.

Recent Events

HUAAS is now on Twitter

The microblogging platform is a great way to keep up to date on trending topics. Tweet at us and we'll be sure to tweet back. Follow us...

December 2016 Newsletter

In November we had a private event at Sundaram Tagore Gallery with Persian artist Golnaz Fathi. See this month's newsletter to find out what else we've been up to and what we have...

HUAAS November 2016 Newsletter

Please see our list of upcoming events below. We welcome Prof Tarun Khanna on Nov 15 to discuss entrepreneurship in emerging...

HUAAS Welcomes Atul Gawande for breakfast

On Aug 29, 2016 the Harvard University Association of Alumni in Singapore (HUAAS) hosted a small group breakfast at the home of Rebecca Woo (AB '89 and HUAAS committee member) & her husband Kevin Dwan (AB ’96, MBA ’01) for Atul Gawande (professor at...

HUAAS at DUAL ball 2016

Nearly 200 alumni from various schools were on-hand to help celebrate DUAL's 15th anniversary. The Red Pencil is a charity helping people through art therapy and the crowd was able to raise $25,000 for their cause. Rebecca Woo (AB '89) was emcee for...
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